Monday, February 10, 2014

Strepsils launches a new variant & campaign to "Live Well"

An itchy throat and a common cold can lead to something serious when not treated, and can really affect our daily activities and moods. This is why Strepsils, the leader in throat care worldwide, launched the ‘Live Well’ campaign featuring celebrity mom and health advocate, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, to remind everyone what to do when our throat starts to itch.
Held at M Café in Makati, the event was also attended by accomplished Otolaryingologist/ENT, Dr. Ceasar Mejia, and popular radio DJ and event host Tracy Abad.

During the event, a new Strepsils product was also launched: Strepsils Warm. It is the newest variant of Strepsils containing ginger, and provides a warming, comforting sensation.
Apart from Maricel Laxa’s public persona of a celebrity, radio DJ, public speaker, columnist and many others, it’s her role as mother to five children and wife to Anthony Pangilinan that are most important to her. She says that in order to stay healthy, she makes sure that her whole family drinks enough water, gets plenty of rest and even has Strepsils handy all the time.

A sore throat can be caused by various reasons - lack of sleep/rest, low immunity/resistance, sudden changes of weather, stress, poluution, bacteria or virus. Strepsils in handy can be very helpful. Though there are also other home remedies to further improve your condition which I always do since I'm susceptible to sore throat: gargle warm water with salt (a few drops of vinegar is optional; don't apply if you can't take the taste of vinegar in warm water). But since we're usually out the whole day (like school or work), Strepsils should come in handy. 
“There are people who disregard sore throats as something they have to bear with until their cough, colds or flu develops. But a sore throat can easily become a serious thing. A lot of people don’t know that a sore throat comes from bacterial or viral infection. It can also be caused by environmental factors, as well as voice misuse, smoking and sudden changes in temperature,” said Dr. Ceasar Mejia.

Filipinos have relied on many ways to help soothe a sore throat from home remedies to sucking on mentholated candies. Although mentholated candies can soothe the throat, it is only very temporary.

According to Laxa and Mejia, the first aid for any kind of sore throat should be to drink water, rest more and take Strepsils. Drinking water is essential because it hydrates the body. Resting allows the body to heal itself. As for immediate and long-lasting throat relief, both Mejia and Laxa recommend Strepsils. “Strepsils is capable of deep-down, long-lasting relief from sore throats,” Mejia said.

Strepsils contains two powerful ingredients in a lozenge: Amylmetacresol and Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol. It also relieves pain in as fast as five minutes and provides relief of up to two hours. 
Strepsils is available in major drugstores, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.
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