Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Water can change everything

Water is an essential need of humans, animals and all living things on earth. We can only realize how important this is when we experience the lack of it. There are many parts of the world who don't have clean water for drinking, and no faucet to gather water from especially in the slum areas. Some people would get water from the nearest river or lake but the nearest would take them hours to travel and hours going back. And the water that they'll be getting is contaminated. 

Every human being needs to drink at least 8 glasses of water. Otherwise, we will get dehydrated. We also need water to cook healthy food and soup to warm our body. We need water to take a bath everyday. We also use water for cleaning. 

Everyone must take part in conserving water, even when we are in public areas. It is everyone's responsibility to save and conserve water because all of us will benefit from it. What will happen to us if the world has shortage of water?

Below is an interesting video entitled, "Water Changes Everything" courtesy of Charity: Water. This can also give us a new way of thinking how we treat water and how our attitude towards it can affect our lives, our community and the whole world.

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