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Are hidden cameras legal in the workplace?

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The use of spy cameras for home is generally legal. Hidden cameras are affordable, useful, and pretty easy to find. Most of the time, they are offered in shops that also sell legal self-defense weapons and safety products for kids. If you plan to install hidden cameras in the office, you should know that the laws governing the home use of spy cams may be different from those that cover the use of spy cams in the workplace. 

Surveillance cameras can be installed if they are needed to address an acceptable business concern. However, there could be restrictions on where hidden cams can be set up as well as on the extent of allowable surveillance.

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The laws governing the use of spy cams in the workplace may vary from one state to another. It is true that public places like retail stores, restaurants, malls, and banks commonly have hidden cams. But if you are planning to install these devices in a workplace, it would be wise to have the employees know that these cameras exist. 

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It is generally legal to place spy cameras in areas in the workplace where people do not really expect privacy. It could be in the lobby, elevator, etc. However, placing cameras in areas where privacy is expected can violate the rights of the employees. Some examples of these places are restrooms, break areas, locker rooms, and changing rooms. The allowable areas vary depending on the state, so it would be wise to consult with an attorney or with the labor agency of your state to clarify this matter. 

It is also important that you give employees a notice that there are hidden cameras at work. There are states where it is an explicit requirement. Placing cameras in unacceptable locations, failing to comply with notice requirements, and generally using hidden cameras inappropriately may result in a lawsuit.

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