Saturday, April 18, 2015

Miss Teen Earth Philippines and Little Miss Earth Philippines 2015 candidates presented

The Earth Day celebration is an annual global event which started by then U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Since its inception, the environmental undertaking continuously aims to inform the general public about the pressing issues of the environment and show a nation’s political leadership that there should be broad and deep support for the environmental movement.

Miss Teen Earth Philippines and Little Miss Earth Philippines aims to unite Filipinos in the conservation, preservation, and the protection of our beloved Mother Earth by promoting beauty queens, talents, and earth ambassadors in local and national sorts in improving the environmental treasures of the Philippines.

The Miss Teen Earth Philippines beauty pageant was created for teens between 14–19 years.

Let us be heroes 
  • within our own homes by telling our children how to care for the environment.
  • within our own groups of friends by convincing them to exert effort to
  • protect the environment.
  • within our communities by leading activities for the welfare and well-being of the environment.
  • for our own Earth for there is only one Earth; we have only one life to live, it’s now time to lead.

Both of the crowns will be passed on year after year to the most deserving young girls who embody beauty, talent, and love for Mother Earth. Just one look at the crowns and it is definite that many young girls will wish to wear it on top of their heads. Wearing a crown may mean differently from one girl to another and some may regard it as the closest thing to becoming a princess but more than its prestige and beauty, these crowns represent the opportunity for the ladies to reach a wider audience in promoting environmental awareness. It symbolizes the launch pad for future projects and campaigns that will bring the pageant’s core closer to its mission. In retrospect, crowns go beyond the splendor of sparkling gems. It is the purpose that lies beneath it that makes it all the more beautiful.

Captured Dream CEO and Trademark Owner Vas Bismark lent his presence to the event which was facilitated by host Venus Raj and the big sister of the young ones, Ria Rabajante.

Through the annual search that involves different activities, Miss Teen Earth Philippines and Little Miss Earth Philippines intends to reach out particularly to young Filipinas to inspire them that beauty is not only a physical attribute but also an act of love.

On the afternoon of April 9 at the Grand Ballroom of Ace Hotel & SPA in Pasig City, the official candidates of Miss Teen Earth and Little Miss Earth Philippines 2015 were presented to the media. Twenty (20) beautiful teens and twenty (20) equally engaging young girls are about to make this year’s competition more interesting with their collective “advocacy being the preservation, conservation, and protection of our mother nature to help uplift the quality of life of each and every individual.”


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