Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Find the best back-to-school bargains at Tutuban Mall

Filipinos love to shop at bargain prices. At a very limited budget, we want to get more value for our money. At the heart of Claro M. Recto Avenue in Manila lies the big Tutuban Mall that offers a different shopping experience to every bargain hunter. Everything that you need for yourself and your home can be found right here on the spot. 

The mall is open from sunrise to midnight, 365 days a year. So you can also shop all you want. Choices are varied - school supplies, clothes, household items, bags, kitchen utensils, food, home repair tools, etc.

It's school season once again and parents are trying to buy their children's needs at a tight budget. No need to worry because Tutuban Mall is the answer. Go shop here for your children's school supplies and school uniform and you'll be saving a lot of money.


Some bloggers were treated to a simple back-to-school challenge - to buy anything at a budget of PhP1,000. If you're familiar with bargain shopping, then you can already imagine how much you can buy with this amount, as compared to buying in other malls in the city.

When you go to Tutuban Mall, you need to allot about 4-5 hours just to go around and get the best buys. Remember the route you're passing because the whole mall is a gigantic maze!

These are just some of the items I bought: sketch pad, ballpen, sharpener, small plastic envelopes, cork board, kiddie educational toys, cartolina-type of kraft paper, calling card case.

It was my first time to visit Tutuban Mall and I got lost in the way! From Taft Avenue in Manila, I took a jeepney ride going to Lawton, and took another jeepney ride to Divisoria. But i was told to get off at Bindondo Church. I did not expect that the mall was still too far from where I stood. People would just say: "just go straight, then turn right/left…" endlessly. It took me 30 minutes of walking just to get to the mall! You have to consider that in this area, there are a lot of vendors left and right, even in the middle of the road. So expect a huge amount of traffic, for both transportation and passersby. Your patience will really be tested.

To avoid this hassle, take the LRT to Doroteo Jose station, then take a jeep to Divisoria. Get off at Tutuban Mall. 

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