Sunday, March 20, 2011

Department of Energy's "Bright Now" campaign

There is always an ongoing discussion on how we can save energy and protect our environment from hazardous elements. Our environment has been ravaged by our inadequacy and negligence. We need to take the initiative to think of ways to help reduce the effects of global warming, climate change and carbon emissions on our planet. Last March 2, 2010, I had the privilege to meet and interview Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Jose Rene D. Almendras and Undersecretary Jose M. Layug, Jr. at their office.

Sec. Almendras presented his vision of what we can do to help our environment by conserving energy and apply other alternatives to produce energy that are eco-friendly. Many other countries in Asia and beyond have action plans already and have concrete measures on how they can respond to Climate Change. 

DOE Secretary Jose Rene D. Almendras

The Department of Energy has on ongoing campaign dubbed as “Bright Now” that enjoins everyone to save on fuel. We don’t only save on money, but also helps a lot in taking care of our air. Some Filipino geniuses have also thought of using water or coconut oil as alternatives to gasoline and DOE is looking into the matter. Electric tricycle is also being considered because it’s far more economical and eco-friendly. "We need to change the way we live," remarks Sec. Almendras. 

DOE Undersecretary Jose M. Layug, Jr.

I have seen on TV that some tricycles are being run using an LPG tank. Ricardo David of David Motors said that when he visited Japan in 1969, some taxis there are already running on LPG. How about encouraging our jeepneys to use LPG? Sometimes we don't understand yet how these changes can benefit our environment and can make our air cleaner and better.

Brazil has been a leader in advocating the use of biofuel. In Australia, there are currently three (3) cities that uses electricity in public transportation. Singapore has been implementing the Electric Price Policy. China has been mass producing its Build Your Dreams (BYD) electric vehicles. Many parts of the globe are taking an active participation in thinking of various ways on how we can save our environment, save on money and protecting our health. 

 This electric tricycle is being used in The Fort, Taguig City

When we are commuting, do we realize how much carbon footprint are we leaving the air? "When you're heading near, will you still take a cab?" asked Sec. Almendras. He would like to stress that walking is still the best option and also a good exercise as well.

There are so many things to be proud of our country. Filipino inventions must be introduced to the world. Many years ago, a Pinoy has invented a machine wherein water can be used to run cars. Another Pinoy has invented also a machine that can run cars using coconut oil. And there are a whole lot more being developed this time which have yet to be known. Our government should support small & big scale projects that can benefit our country and the whole world, and help Pinoys patent their inventions. Other countries can definitely learn also a lot from us.

 With fellow bloggers: Azrael Coladilla, Me, Mr. Layug, Leira Pagaspas, Mr. Almendras

Department of Energy
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