Monday, October 17, 2022

Why kids should play Math games?

Math games excite young minds. They provide a structure and process for children to engage in problem solving so they reach a particular objective or goal. While reaching for those goals, it can be challenging, but those challenges are also what makes game-playing fun and more exciting.

Math being an important part of learning for children should be introduced in their early years because it provides vital life skills. Not only it will help children in problem solving, but it will also measure and develop the kid’s spatial awareness.

Looking for FREE online Math games for your kids to enjoy at home? Here are some of my suggestions:

This Math game with a total of 18 levels is a very casual game for young learners. The player simply has to move the duck forward, backward, or upward to get the correct numbers and the key that will be used to open the door.

Move left or backward by pressing the left arrow key or the A key. Move right or forward by pressing the right arrow key or the D. To jump, press the up arrow key or the W key on your keyboard. The game can be restarted by pressing the R key or the restart button in the upper right. Sound control and exit game button can also be found on the upper right. 

The player has only 10 seconds to solve all equations, collect the key to open the door, and enter the open door. The further you go, the more exciting the games becomes because of additional features that will help the player finish the tasks faster within the given period of time.

This game has various obstacles such as fixed spikes, moving gray spikes, and red spikes which fall from the roof when you are near them. Avoid running into any of those obstacles or run out of time to pass the level. Though you can retry each level every time you fail.

This game which is some sort of a typing skills challenge, has four (4) difficulty levels that you can choose prior to playing:
For Easy level, the player types the positive and negative integers shown above falling ghosts.

For Normal level, the player has to solve the addition and subtraction equations above each ghost involving 2 numbers.
In the Hard level, the player needs to solve the multiplication and division equations above each ghost involving 2 numbers.

The Nightmare mode would be a bit difficult for very young kids because they have to solve the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations above each ghost involving 4 numbers.
You start the game with 10 lives and every time a ghost falls to the ground; you lose a life. If you want to test your grace under pressure, this is the game for you.

This game seems easy, but it’s actually not. It’s easy because the problems involved are basic Math equations. But the options make the game confusing, not to mention you only have a few seconds click or choose the correct answer. The game ends as soon as a player gets a single incorrect answer or when the timer reaches zero.

All of these games can be played absolutely FREE of charge. You don’t need any registration or account to play every game. All you need is your browser and your internet so you can challenge your mind anytime and anywhere.

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