Saturday, March 10, 2012

Winners to the Blogging Contest: "What do you like to be invented?"

Last December 2011, I created a blogging contest answering the question: What do you like to be invented? This invention should not have been invented yet. It was quite difficult at first to determine my top winners because almost all entries were very creative in terms of originality and usefulness. Of course, the invention must be (above all else) explained well so we could better understand how it can benefit humans and/or the environment. Otherwise, if it was poorly explained, the invention may be null and insignificant, and therefore, useless.

Some entries scored high on the invention idea, some on its usefulness. Other entries made an impact on how well the blog post was written and how powerful the paragraphs were. Some were very creative in improvising other elements included in the post to make it more believable and convincing.

However, some entries did not follow the contest mechanics completely. This made the ranking a bit easier to do. Because the Top 2 Winners here followed the instructions well and completely. I cannot elaborate further which rules were inadvertently missed out or not followed. (You can review the rules stated in the contest details.) But I really appreciate and I thank everyone who participated in this contest giving their precious time to work on their respective entry. Congratulations to the winners!!!

You can read the entries of the winners in the links provided below. My apologies for the delay of this result. Thanks everyone for your patience. Winners will be emailed on how they can claim their prize/s.

Here are the Winners:

1st Place: Rolly Nunez
[Ako @ Iba Pa]
Invention: An accessory or object that can eliminate/minimize ultraviolet rays, radiation and other harmful elements in the environment and how to protect us from them.

2nd Place: Richard Mamuyac 
[Astig Machismis]
Invention: A mosquito-killer blanket called KUMOT (Kills Undesirable Mosquitoes and Other Threats).

3rd Place: Melanie Abuel
[MEL: My Everyday Life]
Inventions: (1) Interpreter Microphone; (2) positioning device that could map out a person’s location transmitted via satellite. 

4th Place: Jasmin Mikunug
[The Adventure of a Teen Dreamer]
Invention: A fashionable protective suit against global warming and other harmful effects.

5th Place: Yen Angustia
[Yen's Web Journey]
 Invention: House Vest Pedestal that can make a house stay afloat in times of a calamity

Thank you again to all for joining!
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