Saturday, May 2, 2015

Neurobion contains B-vitamins for the nerves

Neuropathy affects people who have an unbalanced diet and unhealthy lifestyle, which includes smoking, alcohol drinking, or those who had injuries or have diabetes. Individuals of young age can also be prone to this condition.

If you feel numbness, tingling, or burning sensation in hands, legs, arms, or feet, you might be suffering from a condition called neuropathy or nerve damage. One out of three people may suffer from this condition as age progresses, according to a recent study. It is also estimated that around 10 to 15 million Filipinos have neuropathy.

Seeing the need to address neuropathy, and to promote the need for having healthy nerves, a Neuropathy Awareness Movement was launched by Neurobion, a nerve-nourishing B-vitamins combination brand by global pharmaceutical company, Merck.

“It is important to have a movement like this because more and more people are suffering on neuropathy and no one knows about it,” Louie Roxas, general manager for Merck consumer health, during the Neurobion’s Neuropathy Awareness Movement launch in Century City Mall last April 21.

“Because the symptoms of neuropathy are too common, people tend to brush them off completely or associate them with a different condition. However, what we don’t know is that a lot of people are already suffering from neuropathy and their health cases remain unreported or undiagnosed. This is what we want to change because we want people to prioritize the heath of their nerves the same way that they care of their other organs,” Merck’s Philippine medical director, Dr. Gio Barangan also shared in a press statement.

A year after its launching in 2014, Merck aims to create more awareness this year. With this, the campaign is involving other stakeholders to spread the cause.

The Merck team introduced the brand’s newest ambassadors: film director Paul Soriano and actress-singer Zsa Zsa Padilla.

According to Merck marketing director Debbie Go: ”The first approach is by expanding the nerve care team in clinics and hospitals. We have nerve test challenge so that consumers can see and check with their health experts how can they take care of their nerves. Second, we’re partnering with key brand ambassadors as well as with credible organizations to make neuropathy a national public health concern.

The movement also encourages doing the following healthy habits to promote good nerve health:
• Eat a balanced diet
• Lead an active lifestyle
• Regularly take supplements promoting nerve health. Neurobion, for instance, has a balanced formulation of Vitamins B1, B6, and B 12, which are clinically proven to nourish nerves, and acts on the root of the problem.

Vitamin B1 strengthens and provides as a source of energy for the nerves, Vitamin B6 promotes the transmission of nerve impulses, and Vitamin B12 repairs and restores damaged nerve cells.

Neurobion brand manager Eloisa Dy Buncio added, “Neurobion is the world’s number one B-vitamin (brand). We also take pride in the fact that Neurobion has been trusted by many doctors here in the Philippines for over 40 years. Taking Neurobion on a daily basis effectively nourishes our nerve cells to avoid symptoms that triggers nerve problems.”

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