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Get a good night’s sleep for better health with Sharp air conditioners

Getting a good night's sleep is often being taken for granted. We don’t really understand the bad effects of lack of restful sleep. We eventually become unproductive, prone to sickness, cranky and irritable, sluggish, and generally unhealthy as days go by.

Importance of Sleep
Getting enough sleep also helps you with your productivity. Obviously, being sleepy contributes greatly to your lack of concentration, but having regular sleep disturbances can affect your cognition and decision-making, according to Jodi A. Mindell, PhD, a professor of psychology at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia and author of Sleep Deprived No More. Your brain gets fuzzy, and you make silly mistakes – which can snowball into a series of errors that can affect your work.

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Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation in the US shows that lack of restful sleep affects even people’s sex lives, stating that “up to 26% of people said their sex lives tend to suffer because they’re just too tired.” Driving while sleep-deprived can lead to a variety of car accidents, and even minor chores such as cooking and prepping can be dangerous if done while drowsy.

The consequences of not getting enough sleep and not sleeping well are not to be ignored, given its importance on our overall health and safety. It would be good to adopt changes not just in our sleeping habits but also in the area where we sleep like our bedrooms to help induce a good night’s sleep.

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Clean Air
One such change we can do is to make sure that the air we breathe is clean and more relaxing. A suggested step is to use air-conditioners that not only make the air cool and comfortable but clean and safe as well, those with an air purification system like the ones made by Sharp (Phils.) CorporationSharp J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioners bring not only cool but also clean air to our rooms for enhanced and healthier cooling efficiency.

Sharp Technology Features
To clean the air from deadly bacteria, Sharp J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioners use its unique and innovative air purifying Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology, a technologically advanced airflow filtration system that frees the air from dangerous airborne threats by up to 99% to produce cleaner, fresher air that we need to sleep better. The PCI system generates an electrical discharge that releases positive and negative ions, similar to those found in nature, into the air to go after airborne bacteria and viruses. They effectively break down the protein’s membrane, making them inactive. These hydrogen and oxygen radicals then combine with hydrogen and return to the atmosphere as water.

Aside from PCI technology, Sharp air conditioners’ Powerful Jet Stream Technology instantly cools the body and the room 30 percent faster, while the Coanda Technology throws cool air through a soft, indirect airflow from far distances to provide soothing coolness to the room for better relaxation and sleep environment. Finally, the J-Tech Inverter Technology enables faster and quicker cooling, reduces start-up time, and promises effective energy operation to help avoid power surges and save energy and money.

Aside from these convenient technologies, Sharp also guarantees a quick installation within 48 hours for their Split-Type Air Conditioners, so that you won’t have problems installing it.

The Brand's Philosophy
All these technologies designed to make life more comfortable are available in each Sharp J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner as part of the company’s “Our Brand, Our Pride” philosophy, “a commitment to uplift the quality of life of Filipinos by providing them with exceptional home appliance products – no frills, no fuss, just simple engineering marvels for you and your family.

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