Sunday, June 1, 2014

GNC celebrates 20 years of Living Well in the Philippines

With many sports activities being organized like running and other adventures, many Filipinos have already embraced an active lifestyle for good health and fitness. 

People are now getting into running marathons and multi-sport as in other countries all over the world. They keep up with the trends as everyone would want to be in better shape all the time. Mornings are now welcomed with regular jogs and cycling or a few hours in gyms. Through all these, GNC has been arm in arm with Filipinos who vow to live well.

GNC celebrates its 20th anniversary in the Philippines this year, continuing to be the leader in the supplements industry. All 40 branches across the country are going to be commemorating 20 years of living well, including their newly opened branches in Gateway Mall, Cubao, Ayala Terraces, Fairview, and SM BF ParaƱaque. By living well, it means a lifestyle that is in no way sedentary, complete with a healthy and balanced diet. This means food plans that include high-quality supplements.

As the largest manufacturer and retailer of nutritional supplements, GNC assures that more years will follow their streak of adherence to the philosophy that every person can improve their overall quality of life. They aim to make the readily available nutritional supplements only the very best in the field, alongside the continuous improvement of their services. They guarantee to provide only the best. Even the smallest vitamin supplement does not reach the shelves of their 6,000 stores worldwide, without undergoing their rigorous 150 quality checks. 

There will be a lot of competitions out there in the market today. But GNC continues to give its loyal customers the great products that they enjoy through the decades. As their clients slim down and get fit, the company is also shaping up with them. 

Despite GNC’s 20 years of experience in the country plus 79 years of international excellence as secret weapon, coupled with their increasing patrons, the brand still promises to continue their efficient product development and innovation, in tandem with specialists, making sure quality supplements are accessible to all.

Whether you have just began your adventure of toning down and keeping fit, or have already reached the middle of your journey, you can be assured that 20-year-old GNC will be living well and aging gracefully with you for many more years to come.

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