Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kiddodeal, a new group buying site for children

Our fondest memories as a child are never complete without the mention of toys. We seem to never run out of the awesome fun times we’ve had as kids, our stories of make-believe, great toys or games we’ve played, the cool friends we hanged out with/the cool and the slimy, creepy crawlers we’ve been fascinated with (from spiders to TEKS, from talking dolls to matchbox cars, and the weird list can go on). We could go on all day talking about our younger days.

Even as adults attempting to live our respective lives responsibly and almost mechanically (sometimes), we fall back (intentionally or not) into reliving many moments from decades ago like it was yesterday, we strangely find it comforting, most of the time.

Kiddodeal is a group-buying site for kids ages 0-12 years old. Capitalizing on kids who are obviously more adventurous, appreciative and unapologetically certain of what they like, make them the most ideal customers (wish more adults could be like kids sometimes).

But the jaded and exasperated adults in us (and the 3 owners of Kiddodeal), admittedly or not, are unwittingly encouraging kids of all shapes and sizes, enjoy and make the most of all the opportunities and that there’s no shame in acting your age, you’re certainly entitled to it, for now, at least… celebrate and embrace being a kid, it’s a gift.

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