Thursday, November 25, 2010

Schneider Electric launches EcoStruxure

Schneider Electric launched its EcoStruxure™ solution architecture at Makati Shangri-La Hotel on November 12, 2010. It is an approach which unites its unique expertise in power, datacentres, process and machines, building control, and physical security to enable intelligent energy management solutions for customers seeking to optimise energy efficiencies across multiple domains of their business.

"Uncoordinated component-level attempts to solve energy management issues by different corporate functions without a comprehensive plan can actually inhibit a company’s ability to meet efficiency goals," said Philippe Reveilhac, President of Schneider Electric Philippines. “By providing our customers with clear and comprehensive reference architectures across key environments and applications, we intend to reduce inefficiencies and increase a company’s ability to make invisible energy waste both visible and actionable.”

Capacity constraints, efficiency losses due to poor system design, lack of standardization, low adoption of renewable energy and implementation conflicts between broad and local energy policies are some of the factors that contribute to the ongoing energy obstacles that companies face. With EcoStruxure™, Schneider Electric is able to leverage its world-class competencies to deliver solutions to its customers at all levels of energy utilization.

The promise of EcoStruxure™ relies on two main principles:

Firstly, EcoStruxure™ is based on the most comprehensive portfolio of purpose specific applications in five domains of expertise that are essential to solve the energy equation:

  • Power – Complete power management solutions for facilities, plant and large sites operations that enable efficient, safe and reliable electrical distribution.
  • Datacentres – APC by Schneider Electric’s award-winning InfraStruxure™ architecture for datacentres uses a modular, scalable approach to optimise power and cooling utilization and mitigate inefficiencies from overbuilding.
  • Process and Machines – Automation solutions dedicated to industrial and infrastructure companies or machine builders with focus on flexibility, scalability, performance and ease of use.
  • Building Control – Management solutions that focus on reducing installation and operational costs while enhancing end-users comfort through real time temperature, lighting and shutters control.
  • Physical Security – Architectures include Pelco by Schneider Electric, with industry leading technology in access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance to minimize costs and efficiency losses from unplanned downtime while providing comprehensive risk analysis.

    Secondly, EcoStruxure™ is able to connect these five domains of expertise within an open and flexible ecosystem of technology that relies on the use of IP and web services, allowing purpose specific applications to connect whenever needed, at the right level.

    “Schneider Electric’s vision for EcoStruxure™ is simple – develop and deploy an integrated architecture that ties together its five key domains of expertise to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green,” said Reveilhac. “What customers need are the connecting solutions that create an intelligent energy management system across all application areas – Schneider Electric is building that architecture.”

    With EcoStruxure™, businesses can anticipate better results and improvements in operations through systematic energy visibility and real time control of any energy usage. It is also possible, for example, to embed video surveillance in any applications, enhancing safety while cutting operating costs. Energy waste in all forms – from electricity and water to mechanical and human – can be captured and mitigated to achieve improved efficiency.

    For more information on EcoStruxure™ and how Schneider Electric can be your complete, one-stop solution provider, please visit

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